I don't look for inspirationI just look around!
I am passionate about capturing organic shapes and
textures from nature, and often surprised by the harmony
that is found among elements of very diverse character.
Man-made materials, craftwork, objects of art, fascinate
me and stimulate my imagination; especially things that
have witnessed other lives, other times...
An old embroidered fabric, a carved stone from ancient
ruins or a piece of pottery found on the shores of ,

Such extraordinary visual qualities: composition,
movement, lyrical associations...

Inspiration is everywhere.
My love for drawing and sculpture is the core of my jewelry creation.
After graduating from 'Bezalel-Academy of Art and Design' in Jerusalem, my life
evolved into creating unique, wearable jewelry that looks like a work of art.
For people to enjoy, and to be touched by.
The 'Hagit Silver Designs' sculptured collections often embrace colorful gemstones
and pearls and created in Sterling silver, and a gold/silver combination.
Our solid 14k and 18k gold designs emphasize the use of cabochons or faceted
gemstones, diamonds, and lustrous pearls in an unusual way, and have
become desired collectibles.
My studio and factory, where I develop my designs, is located on our farm, nestled
in the beautiful countryside of Israel, and has been run by our family for over 20 years.
I am fortunate and amazed to be part of the magic that happens when fantasy meets reality.
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